Construction Boom Infographic via Mining Oil & Gas Jobs.

Construction Boom Infographic via Mining Oil & Gas Jobs.

Are YOU setting some careers goals? 

Are YOU setting some careers goals? 

"Storm" AngloGold Ashanti Australia Mine

"Storm" AngloGold Ashanti Australia Mine

AngloGold Ashanti set to unveil new Gold Mining Technology

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Decreases in South African gold mining stand the likelihood of being ceased and reversed with new technology for gold that soon will be demonstrated by AngloGold Ashanti, the firm’s top official told Mining Weekly.

Employment opportunity also stands the likelihood of gaining in the long-term, according to chief executive officer Mark Cutifani. The new technology is pushing past various technical standards and is yet to perform against one last commercial hurdle.

The technology is vital for safety, mine optimisation and advocating for South African resumption of a vibrant gold industry in 20 to 30 years, he said.

"It’s absolutely critical, and that’s why it’s such an important part of our portfolio in terms of looking for new ideas to be productive and successful," the chief executive officer said.

The firm is necessitating the new technology to move forward with gaining access to large amounts of gold at depth.

Should the service be unable to access the gold at 5,000 meters or more, large amounts of bullion will be sterilized for a long time in the ground.

"We believe it’s possible. We’re certainly there because we think it has a good chance of success, and if it is successful, it will change the face of the South African gold industry and probably the gold industry in many other jurisdictions across the world," Cutifani told the news source during a video interview.

Dow Jones Newswires reports the largest manufacturer of gold in Africa saw a profit drop during the second quarter of 2012.

Mill Picture from AngloGold Ashanti’s, Australia

Mill Picture from AngloGold Ashanti’s, Australia

WOW! An absolutely breathaking photo!The Grasberg Mine. Papua, Indonesia

WOW! An absolutely breathaking photo!
The Grasberg Mine. Papua, Indonesia

FOX Business Reports: AngloGold Ashanti Plans for Completion of New Mines

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AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. (AU), the world’s third-biggest gold producer, said it plans to increase spending next year to bring new projects like its Tropicana mine in Western Australia closer to production.

The company will also push construction workers on its new mines harder to meet the company’s buildout targets following slow progress early on in the development of the Tropicana project, AngloGold’s Chief Executive Mark Cutifani said in an interview.

AngloGold reported Monday that second-quarter profit fell to US$287 million—down from US$470 million a year earlier, due in part to higher capital expenditure. The company plans to spend US$2.2 billion on new and existing projects this fiscal year—a figure it expects to rise again in 2013, Mr. Cutifani said.

He said the increases “reflect the pace of implementation of the projects moving into commissioning” rather than the type of cost overruns that have plagued the gold industry in recent years.

Cost blowouts have been a recurring theme particularly in Australia’s gold sector, where mining companies have had to confront fast-rising labor and materials costs. According to analysts at Macquarie Group, unexpected increases have forced some producers to revise their spending estimates higher by as much as 20% in recent years.

Tropicana, which should be AngloGold’s next mine to come into production, is scheduled to produce gold in the fourth quarter of 2013. The project—which has a budget of A$790 million—is currently half completed, on-track and on-budget, Mr. Cutifani said.

"Actual productivity at Tropicana had been lower than we originally hoped, so we’re watching it very carefully," he said. "As a company, we have delivered on our capital budget four years running, but we are still not immune to bad news from time to time."

The company will also target better performance at its existing mines by, for instance, boosting production at its Australian Sunrise Dam to 300,000 troy ounces a year, from 250,000 ounces, he added.

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Siguiri Gold Mine, Republic of Guinea
Prospective Expatriate Sporting, Leisure and Lifestyle Opportunities
The South African Tradition – Braaing :
Anywhere!  At our homes, at the Niger River, at the Tinkisso River, next to the swimming pool… wherever.

Siguiri Gold Mine, Republic of Guinea

Prospective Expatriate Sporting, Leisure and Lifestyle Opportunities

The South African Tradition – Braaing :

Anywhere!  At our homes, at the Niger River, at the Tinkisso River, next to the swimming pool… wherever.

Careers in Mining BLASTER & HELPER Positions Details


Blasters handle, load, and detonate the explosives used to dislodge ore and rock. They load explosives in a blast hole by hand or by operating a truck or track mounted drill. Blasting may be done using safety fuses and dynamite or by electrical detonators connected by electric wires to a blasting machine situated at a safe distance from the blast.

Blasters also handle, store and transport explosives. They work in surface or underground mining environments. Blasters and drillers often perform both blasting and drilling duties. Blaster’s supervised and trains Blaster’s Helpers. They are employed by mining, quarrying, and construction companies and by drilling and blasting contractors.

Blaster’s Helpers help load dynamite into shot holes. They are responsible for safe explosive handling and helping the Blaster as required.


  • physical fitness and a willingness to work outdoors in bad weather
  • respect for explosives
  • knowledge of surface or underground mining operations
  • knowledge of safety procedures and first aid
  • criminal record check


All Blasters must possess a valid blaster’s permit. A permit is valid for five years and may be endorsed with restrictions. Examples of such restrictions are validation for surface blasting only or the use of safety fuses only.

A candidate for a Blaster’s permit must be at least eighteen years of age, be physically capable of carrying out the duties of a Blaster, and have at least six months on-the-job training experience with a licensed Blaster. A candidate is required to achieve at least 70% correct on a written exam given by the Chief Mines Safety Officer.

Blaster’s Helper are trained on-the-job and may be required to take safety and equipment training courses. After approximately six months and the recommendation of his/her employer, a Blaster’s Helper will have the opportunity to become a Blaster.

Reaching for ‘Zero Injuries’ of Employees: AngloGold Ashanti Aims High Mine Safety

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AngloGold Ashanti, Obuasi mine, has over the years made tremendous progress in improvements in safety, health performance and practices.

Mr. Kwesi Enyan, Managing Director of the mine, who said this in a speech read for him at the mine’s 7th Inter-Departmental First Aid and Safety Competition, expressed the commitment to continue with these improvements till the mine was free of injury and illness.

“We aim to continue these improvements, in line with our long term goal of operating a business free of injury and illness,” he stressed. He intimated that it was as a result of achieving zero injury of its employees that a new safety culture initiative dubbed “Boa me na me boa wo” had been introduced on the mine.

Under the initiative, the company hoped to overhaul and transform the safety practices at the mine to ensure zero injuries and zero fatality.

Mr. Enyan said to operationalise the concept, over sixty percent of its employees had been trained on how they could use the concepts of teamwork, independence, continuous improvements, and personal instincts to ensure zero injuries and zero fatality.

In addition, documentaries had been shown to reinforce the safety messages, whilst safety talks were organised for employees throughout the mine, every Tuesday.

Mr. Enyan said a special workshop on safety had been held for selected managers on the mine to further deepen the company’s commitment to safety.

“Together with these interventions, the safety and health department has been working tirelessly around the clock to strengthen further safety awareness,” the Managing Director said.

Mr. John Alexander Ackon, Obuasi Municipal Chief Executive, commended AngloGold Ashanti for sustaining success in the First Aid and Safety Competition, stressing: “That is a demonstration of your commitment to the core value of the company.”

In all, 12 departments took part in the competition, with Processing emerging first with 405 points, followed by Main Security with 351 points, and Sustainable, with 343.5, points came third.